JDM-1 Twin Arm Plinth For Technics SL-1200 Series Turntables NEW PRODUCT

This plinth now has no cutouts for the feet and motor, only power and phono cable holes are provided. It is now a flat space that will fit all models of the 1200/1210 series. As a result, the plinth is taller and has more mass.

After many requests by customers over the last few years, Acoustand delivers yet again a worlds first product.

The Technics 1200 series of turntables has to be one of the most iconic designs ever conceived, instantly recognisable, often imitated, this legend of a turntable has stood the test of time.

Many upgrades are available for the turntable yet nobody had a way of adding a second or third tonearm. Just recently there seems to be a need to add extra arms to this series of turntables, perhaps you want an arm with a mono cartridge to play those 78s on certain models? Perhaps you prefer 12” arms or like the unique sound of an SPU for certain albums, whatever your need, and there are many, the Acoustand JDM-1 plinth is exactly what you are looking for.

Current choices for adding a second arm are limited to either a free standing Pod, or a panel screwed to the rear hinge anchor point, hardly advisable and not very rigid.

Acoustand set out to design a product that was above all, solidly built and had to be as un intrusive as possible and easy to set up, the Acoustand JDM-1 plinth is all of those and more.

The JDM-1 plinth will enable the same versatility for your 1200 series turntable as the Technics SL-1000R, only for a lot less money. The JDM-1 is designed not only as a turntable plinth, but also acts as an isolation platform that is two inches thick the turntable sits on.

The arm panels on the plinth are exactly the same height of the turntables existing arm panel so there should be no need to sink the arms into the arm panels, they should be happy sat on top with just the necessary holes cut, there should be no need for spacers either, only in certain tonearms a spacer should be needed as most arms come with a VTA adjust.

Tonearm Details.
The JDM-1 Plinth is ideally suited to 10” and 12” tonearms, and (perhaps) a very limited few 9” with small physical size like the Funkfirm FX3.

This plinth can fit (surface mount) 9” arms but not all. Please ask.

This plinth is not suitable for Kuzma as the arms cannot get close enough to the platter given their physical size, this tonearm type is best suited to the primary position the factory tonearm is located using an aftermarket arm panel.

SME 9” Cannot get close enough to be properly mounted on the JDM-1 , it is best to mount this arm in the primary position the factory arm is fitted using an aftermarket arm panel.

Tonearms such as the SME 12” (any model) Are perfect.

As a guide, any tonearm with a spindle to pivot distance between 230mm and 305mm is fine for the JDM-1 plinth.

To fit your turntable in the JDM-1 plinth you only need to remove the hinge brackets on the back of your turntable, seeing as a hinged lid cannot be used on a multiple arm plinth this is not an issue. Your dust cover will now be a place-on cover as it is on the SL-1000R. Cables are fed through the purpose made holes provided in the plinth.

Arm panels are solid Delrin which has excellent sound characteristics and extremely rigid. The plinth is multi layered mdf and real wood veneer available in many colours including black ash, large honeycombed feet are included to compliment the chunky feet of the turntable.

So there we have it, the worlds first twin arm plinth system for the Technics SL-1200 series turntables, another request fulfilled by Acoustand, why not pre order yours today!

Current build times are on the home page.
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