Acoustand Bearing Dampener Upgrade For All REGA 12mm/18mm Bearings


Brand New Product Unique To Acoustand
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For Turntables with visible threaded bearing

The Acoustand bearing damper puck effectively gives the standard 12mm or 18mm Rega brass bearing sleeve more mass, not only that, because it fits tight up to the underside of the turntable around the bearing adds rigidity and stability. This is a must product especially if you have an upgraded heavier platter, as the bearing has quite a flex in it and this puck dampener tightens it right up eliminating any possible movement while reducing microphonic vibrations.

The damper improves mid and treble accuracy and gives bass a sharper edge, definitely a must for anybody who enjoys vinyl.

The Acoustand bearing damper will widen the response range for a more open and natural sound, it also reduces any grinding noises that may come from your older bearing.

Fitting could not be easier, takes about 10 seconds and off you go, screws directly onto you're bearing, no need to remove your turntables bearing nut, it is machined to go over that.

Precision machined from a solid block of Delrin to fit your turntables bearing thread perfectly.

Select your size from the dropdown menu. Choose 12 or 18mm.


This product and design is owned by acoustand audio and is available only from acoustand, if you see this product anywhere else then you know it to be an inferior copy.
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