Acoustand Plinth For Goldring/Lenco L75, L70 GL75 GL70+ More

L70,GL70,L75,GL75 PLINTH
Acoustand introduces the all new plinth upgrade for the Lenco L75 GL75 L 70 GL70 and other models with the same layout. This plinth is substantially more solid than the supplied plinth you get with your Lenco as standard. It is built with 37mm thick walls and with a 18mm bottom panel. Can be supplied with or without IEC or Phono/RCA sockets to use any upgraded tonearm interconnects or power cable you choose.

Real wood veneered, and you have the choice of any wood finish you see on our website or instagram pages.

Comes supplied as standard with 3 solid milled alloy feet fully anodised with integrated rubber ring.

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