Acoustand Delrinium Series 3 Plinth For Technics SP10 mk2/mk3 and R

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since Acoustand was born.
To celebrate the occasion we brought back our first Delrinium 3 layered plinth system with a few tweaks here and there to bring it up to speed with the rest of the Acoustand Range.
We wanted it to be a fair price for all, so we set about how to make it work with the rest of the range of plinths we already produce so we didn’t need to redesign anything as such, but utilise what we already know works and in doing so, keeping the cost down enabling us to offer you this product at an unbelievably low price.

So we gave it the versatile sliding arm panel mechanism from our original Solid plinth 2v2 along with the alloy arm panels we used in that plinth system. The original Delrinium arm panel and aperture is very expensive to machine and produce and there are two of them, primary and rear positions, we deleted the rear position leaving just the primary as that is what the majority of our customers use. We also reduced the thickness a little on the top and bottom layers while still maintaining the same performance. Also, we deleted the aperture for the SP10 to slot into. This again was an expensive feature which is not completely necessary and is purely cosmetic. This results is a clean looking versatile excellent performing plinth. With all these changes, it enables us to offer you this plinth at an unbelievably low price for what you get.

Additional matching tonearm stands are available for pre order from the dropdown menu, these stands can be placed left front or left rear positions and are for 11” + length tonearms left front, and 10” plus tonearms with the possibility of some 9” arms on the rear left position. The stand comes complete with matching alloy feet and arm panel as the plinth, the arm panel is cut for the arm of your choice included in the price. Each stands construction is identical to the plinths construction using solid alloy and delrin billet.

Arm panels can be silver or black to suit.

The plinth is precision CNC machined from billet alloy and billet Delrin. The centre layer is delrin and the top and lower layers are solid alloy which is satin anodised to a high quality standard. Bolted together these layers form an immensely solid plinth with superb isolation and sound characteristics. We have had nothing but praise for our Delrinium plinth range from our customers all four corners of the planet and we know it works.

Tonearm Fitment.
9-12” Tonearms or 212-315mm mounting distances. With a couple of exceptions, you can fit the majority of tonearms available. Pictures show Technics SP10-R with Rega RB-250 at 222mm mounting distance, and a Technics SP10- Mk2 with Audio Origami 12” tonearm.

Quality Alloy feet with integrated rubber ring are fitted as standard, these are adjustable.

590 X 405 X 80mm

Special NOTE!


Optional place-on dust cover is available from the menu which will carry a shipping charge also. As the item is shipped separately to prevent damage, cost of shipping depends of location, this can be calculated and paid for later on.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask, we will be more than pleased to help.

A big THANK YOU! to all our loyal customers from all over the world

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