Now you can get more out of your system because we are able to offer you a free system set up. We have done this for over twenty people so far and have pictures of their system set ups and emails telling their stories.

It does not matter if you are already using a computer and microphone to set up your system because we will get you better results!

What to do –

Sit in your listening position and take a photograph of your system and email it to us. We will look and email back with recommendations – usually two or three emails and you will be hearing your system as never heard before!

With the correct knowledge gathered from years of experience in this field i am able to help you hear your system as it should be heard, it is truly amazing what a few simple adjustments can make to get the best from your Perkune Product, and your system.

Here are some photos of customers systems who i have helped out with.

We have had some great feedback from this service, please see our cutomer comments page to see what our customers have to say.