New “AirGap” Technology enables the cable to communicate with far greater accuracy and detail than you ever thought possible. Creator Paul Goodwin says his passion for music began in the 70s working with big name bands mixing songs and recording music and so has always tried to get the best possible sound out of the music. Over the years Paul has learnt that all music recorded depends heavily on the equipment used and the power supplying the equipment.

Paul himself has high-end stereo equipment, he attends seminars on the subject whenever he can, and getting involved in this has learnt how different power cables and interconnects sound from each other and how they have a dramatic effect on the music being played. But what really grates at Paul is the enormous amounts of money people unwittingly pay for their so-called high-end cables to gain but only a small increase in sound quality. The cost of a really high-end cable can cost more than the equipment that it is being used upon and so Paul decided to seek out a cable that would give the same high-end cable quality playback but have the lower end price tag. Paul searched far and wide, tested and made up cables from all over the world and in the end he found a manufacturer in Germany for the power cord and a Manufacture in Italy for the interconnect and loudspeaker cable. After months of testing he was ready for the next step and asked his friends and colleagues well known in the audio industry who had high-end equipment to test the new cables and the results and response was far greater than anticipated and so the PERKUNE range of cables was born.

Paul is so confident in his cables he offers a full 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely happy, what more can one ask.

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