Acoustand VTA Tonearm Stand (premium product)

Add an additional tonearm to your turntable with ease. The Acoustand VTA tonearm stand can be made any height up to a maximum of 150mm (tonearm mount) height for the price shown.

Minimum height 80mm on lowest setting.

The maximum adjustment from minimum height and maximum is 15mm, this means if you order a 100mm high stand, it will adjust to 115mm max. All stands are 100mm diameter as standard.

The stands are also available in black, see photos.

The stands are heavy and rigid with no chance of moving once placed and made from high carbon steel to a very fine finish. Brass / Bronze / Copper / Alloy extending tonearm panels can be ordered from the dropdown menu. The stand will come with brushed black acrylic panel as standard.

When ordering, leave a comment how high you would like the mounting surface at minimum height, this is usually the height of your existing turntables tonearm panel from the surface the stand will sit. Also leave a comment as to the tonearm to be used.

Thank you.
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