Customers Acoustand Plinths & Turntables

Here are a handful of customers plinths and complete one-off turnables by Acoustand, some pictures show parts fitted to plinths as requested by the customer, for example, we see in one of the pictures a rare Audio-Technica Arm Raiser mechanism fitted to the Acoustand obsidian inspired plinth, and in another picture we see a one-off housing for a SP10 power supply unit made to match the plinth as requested by the customer.

We get all kinds of requests, like the gentleman from norway wanting a technics sp10 plinth to look like a kenwood L07D plinth.

No job is too small or difficult, if you can think of it, we can build it, and at an unbeatable price.

We offer exceptional value for money, but that is not to say the quality is not there,on the contrary our products match and often exceed the quality of plinths and turntables three times the price, we get more emails daily from customers who have gone out of their way to say how wonderful our products are and the quality is far more than they expected, this is due to low overheads and good old fashioned knowhow & craftsmanship, anyone can work a cnc and design with a computer, there is no love in that, each plinth or turntable we build takes actual skill and are true bespoke pieces, each and every one.

See something you like? ask us anything about any turntable you would like a plinth building for and we will be pleased to assist. 

One Off Plinth For Sony TTS-8000 And SME 12" Tonearm Dark Teak.

Technics SP10-R And Kuzma 4.11  In Acoustand Delrinium Plinth With Custom African Padauk Wood Shroud Plinth And Dust Cover

Thorens TD160-B Mk2 + Mayware Arm In Solid Black Ash Twin Arm Plinth

Jupiter Turntable
Thorens TD124 Turntable Plinth
Garrard 301 Skeletal Plinth
Pro-ject Debut Upgraded Plinth
Kenwood L07D Style Plinth For Technics SP10
Restored SP10 By Acoustand In Custom Built Matching Acoustand Plinth With One-Off Power Supply Housing.

Garrard 301 in Acoustand solid plain plinth system.

Garrard 401 & Dynavector in Acoustand classic solid cherry plinth.

Wonderful Garrard 301 In Acoustand Twin Arm Skeletal Plinth

Goldring Lenco G88 With Acos Lustre & SME Tonearms In Acoustand Solid Plinth

Goldring Lenco L75 In Acoustand Solid Plain Plinth

Technics SP10-R + SME 12" In Acoustand Delrinium Plinth.

Technics SP10/2 In Acoustand Obsidian Inspired Plinth.

Garrard 401 + Audiomods Arm In Acoustand Solid Plinth.

PTP6 + SME9" In Acoustand Slimline Plinth.

Pro-ject Debut Slotted In Custom Acoustand Plinth Surround+ Dustcover.

Sony TTS8000 + SME 12" In Acoustand Plinth.

Technics SP10-R in Delrinium plinth V1 + Raven Arms.

Technics SP10-R + Kuzma in Acoustand Delrinium Plinth + solid wood custom surround.

Technics SP10/2 + Jelco in Acoustand Plinth 2

Solid Plinth 3 for 301 fitted with Acoustand ALT-12 Tonearm.