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Acoustand Plinths Comments
"I mounted a garrard 401 to this console and i like to tell you the build quality is excellent"
                                                                             Juerg Schopper AG, Analogue Hifi & Vintage Thorens
Hi Lee
"Superb product. Sensational improvement of Debut. Incredible value. JUST BUY IT"
                                                                                               K Goodwin, Lancashire
Hi Lee
"Great item. Simply beautiful. Great seller with good communication"
                                                                                                P Vernol, London
Hallo Lee
"Very nice Turntable Plinth. First class work "TOP CLIENT" Thank you !!
                                                                                                 W Goll, Germany
"Great communication. Gives info about progress and result is an excellent plinth"
                                                                                                  S Raoofi, London
"Beautiful quality plinth! Highly recommended seller!
                                                                      H Ludwig, Germany
"Stunning high quality plinth my Garrard 401/SME combi looks and sounds great"
                                                                                                  L Goulder, UK
"Looks great & does really help alleviate that bass resonance.I now play it loud"
                                                                                                   A Kennedy, Cheshire
Comments For The Perkune Interconnect Cables

Hi Paul  - I am happy to have found you and your cables and Yrou cables are the best I have ever heard as they have a sound of there own and more than others I have heard. Thank you - Paulas.

To: paul
Hi Paul, For me the Interconnect, offers a vast improvement over my silver cables. I used it from the DAC output to the preamp in and the difference in bass detail is phenomenal! On one track what I thought was a solid single note is actually three separate notes played very quickly. I do not detect any loss in treble, but again, there is more information presented that was just not there before and it seems overall more glass-like or smoother than the silver. What I need now is a pair of XLR balanced interconnects as the output from my Cambridge is balanced into the Vincents. I would bet this would make a difference  - Dave


Paul,  Late here 11:10 pm.  I hooked up my system with the new power cord for the PreAmp.  Yes, it does sound better.  Background music a little cleaner and the Soundstage is better too.  If you Google my equipment, I have good stuff.  The biggest difference was when you set up my speaker system.  Love the Sound!!  And dynamics better too!!  Clarity was always there after you tweaked my system.  I will burn in the speaker cables on another system that I have.  Then use it on my main system.  Yes, it sounds like Melody Gardot (singer ) is performing in my House!!  Thank you!!  Your Interconnects and power cable are very good!!  Well you have a nice day!  I am still checking on getting my Visa for Russia.  THX Lan  

Hi Paul: I have just finished a 2 hour audition of the power cable. I used it to power my CAL CD player which I run thru a Theta DS Pro-Prime DAC, so all I was changing was the power cable to the disc spinner. So, I find it difficult to express exactly what I experience different from a stock power cable but this I know, i do not want to go back to the stock cable! Yours is clearly superior in many respects and if I had to put it into one word, I would say detail...and clarity, if I had to put it into two words, I would say, detail, clarity and and overall superior sound-stage, but them that's several words. My wife Noretta, picked your cable in a double-blind test using the same track, and sat enthralled for a further 30 minutes listening to tracks that she plays now and then, quite happy just to sit still and enjoy the music. Good job Paul - Dave

Hi Paul – it’s been an interesting experience and I would say that there is no doubt you know how to make a cable and one that performs at its price point.

In our system tests, the speaker cable fared better than the interconnects and against its peer group (certainly compared to other cables we sell), the performance was on a par – in some cases just different, rather than better if that makes sense and We tested them with the following equipment:

Source: Auralic Vega DAC (digitally connected to either laptop or Airies streamer)

Amplification: Luxman 700 series pre/pwr , MBL C51 Integrated, Melody reference 845 integrated.

Speakers: Emme DaVinci, Triangle Magelon Cello, Audio Physic Virgo 25+.

The power cord worked at its best at it's best with source equipment  - DAC, Phono, Pre, CD, Server, Integrated and Stereo Power amp – also the need to use an adapter is a big potential issue for any customer in the segment, as the quality of the adapter in question would have a bearing on overall performance but overall very nice sounding cable.

I think you should be proud to have manufactured something that can equal existing cables out there and I really appreciate you letting us evaluate your cables and I’ll arrange with Marion to have them sent back to you – Kind regards - Mark Cargill


Hello Paul, Great speaker cable and I will keep it but found the power cord a bit too sharp so will return and keep my Shunyata so will see you at 6 this evening Best Regards, Igor


Hi Paul, AS you know I am using the top end cables but I must say that Your Power cord has a very good sound and fits well to my system  and I am impressed, also the price you are selling for is  so very reasonable and is a third of what I am paying so you will do very well I would think.

Best regards Ruslan


Hi Paul – GREAT  cables love the sound open and full and very pleased and I will be buying for cables from you in the future so keep in touch - Regards Robert.

1) New power cord which you gave me works better ( of course!) than the one attached to  the amplifier so I will keep your new power cord.
2) I want to keep also xlr/rca cable too, as results are good - I don’t know wether it is subjective or objective, but I think I hear the difference between old WHITE interconnect (which became my reference for these tests) and xlr/rca interconnect. Probably because balanced is louder I have little better s/n ratio and this makes me prefer this cable. I would say that this cable is almost transparent. Hope to see you at the week end Regards, Dmitry 

Hi Paul your power cable is really good and what I think that it needs better promotion  among audiophiles and think you should try to sell it through audiogon?.....and should think about visualisation i.e. print some name, trademark on it... Best regards, Vaidas


HiPaul  How is going? Great session we had. What would be the best possible price for your speaker cables 2x3 meter. I need 2 pairs same as we listened to at your place. Also price for a 5 meter set?  Regards Paulas


Hi Paul - My Friend that power cable is something not from this planet - simply stunning - I am speechless! regards  Paulas


Hi Paul, the new cord has been playing couple of hours and I been away. When I now got back, I noticed the sound in my system had changed.  What I heard was even more details!!! I absolutely love this cord!  it's more musical as well, and Ayre do need all of it to sound great!  More testing is needed,  so I will write back  soon with more info Best regards  Eirik 


Hi Paul - I have received the speaker cables and been running them all morning but right from the start   every thing changed and my wife says everything has become organic!! I can hear things that I never have heard before and it is like you have removed a blanket from my system thanks    Regards Rom


Hi Paul, I am doing great and hope you are too - Cables are bedding in great!  Still surprised how much detail the cables are able to reveal in the music.  
On my CD player, I noticed several things when I compared to my other interconnects (Transparent balanced musiclink ultra). That was that your interconnects was more silent and therefore you could hear more of the nuances in the instruments.  More musical, Better focus in the vocals,  so you could hear more nuances in the voices.   Really good cables, the best I have heard. And will recommend to others to try these Cables.  I enjoy every minute I hear my music – Best regards  Eirik .

I’m happy owner of three power cables purchased from Paul and it was very interesting for me to try speaker cable and RCA interconnection cable build using same new technology. I should say that new cables exceed my expectations. First I connected speaker cables instead of Arkana Aequilibrium bass became more tight, overall imaging more transparent, and airy. Comparing with Audioquest K2 “white speaker cable” has more clear high end and better sound stage while keep full bodied not boomy low end.  Next I of the Audioquest Sky - effect was clearly noticeable and not prominent - higher dynamic range, cable is absolutely silent. Regards, Dmitry Novikov


Hi Paul!
First... Wow!!  Love the new cord! have barely got to test it, but it really make a difference. SMOOTH SOUND and better detail/resolution.
This is from wall socket to line filter. Tried direct to my CDP, but so far I liked to have the cord this way.  Will do  more testing...
As for the suggestions, thank you. Will look into some of them.  Right now I`m having trouble with rooms acoustics but will buy more cords from you :)   Best regards – Eric Sendt fra min Sony Xperia™


Hi Paul

Been testing your XLR interconnects. Now I understand the synergy these cable have!  Right out of the box, the sound became more clear and after å while more bass and focus in/around instruments.  In some recordings the echo became almost to much.  Love this interconnects!  I must say I'm really impressed.  There are so much snake oil in the hifi biz, when it comes to cable I feel.  Looking forward to hearing a lot more from your cables. est regards Eirik Sendt fra min Sony Xperia™-smarttelefoe


Hi Paul - The new interconnects brings more fullness to the music.  And the sound stage is better.  I listen to a lot of soft jazz.  Melody Gardot,Madeline Peyroux,Michael Franks, Suzanne Vega.  Also I like Grover Washington "wine light", Larry Carlton, Acoustic Alchemy, David Benoit, DSanborn, Boney James. Also some Latin Jazz...Astrud Gilberto,  and Rock n Roll.  FYI  - I will be back at end of month and may want speaker cable and more cables for my movie room so I need to do measurements and then will be able to sort things out and thanks for the speaker placements tips – THX Lan


De Paul, Just got the RCA cable and removed my Frey2 and cannot believe the difference - I thought my Frey  was good but it sounds flat and dead compared with yours - How can this be and yours is right  out the box.     I just do not understand it as the Frey was over 1,000 pounds and your cable is a fraction of  the price that I  paid. Please send my your 3.meter speaker cable ASAP and I will send money right now.for it –regards Rom 

I purchased a set of interconnects, power cable and speaker cables. Paul had a money back guarantee and the price was right. He also help me arrange my speakers in my music room to get the best possible sound. After sending. Paul photos and measurement of my room. Over a period of 3 adjustments, I auditioned my system and the sound was Soooo much better. I would say performance improved about 20-25%! The sound stage, clarity and depth of the music improved. I am very satisfied with Paul has done for me!!! I recommend him Highly!!

Thank you Paul!!

Hi paul,
These cables are huge magic after you listen to you want to cry of undescribable fantastic emotions paul - thank you so much



PerKune FREE Setup Service (Customer Comments)


All I can say is Yarweh H. Buddah on a stick....if I thought my system was analytical and detailed before yesterday, I was wrong. Compared to now, it is like a different system altogether. Good recordings make my skin crawl because they are so real, bad recordings are almost intolerable, they are that harsh. My Enya recordings that I was convinced never contained any frequency about 1.5 KHZ are now so bright that they are quite edgy. Matapedia by Kate and Anna McGarrigle is now so open that it gave me goosebumps. Noretta is not so keen though,. once again we did the Lost Boys test and while she fully admits there is much more detail, it was not as enjoyable. Too much detail me thinks. I, on the other hand like it, and if the recording sucks, this system will let you know it.

Just moving the TV back four inches opened up a world of detail that was not there before. I really would like to get rid of the A/V gear altogether, but it just is not possible right now, so I have to live with it, but that I can do. I attach photos of the after from my listening position, still cannot quite get the pans fully in the image, but you get the picture I think.

Thanks for your help with that, it has made a huge difference.  Best, Dave


Hi Paul, The boomy-ness of the room is better, it seems.  Positioning of instruments is better like this than when the speakers had more room. To be blunt, I am shocked by your ability to guide this far...I feel like I may have finally found the sweet spot!  I had not considered how directional these speakers could be - it is true, these are for the selfish audiophile as there is only a single great seat! - Warmest regards  Monte


Hi Paul, I just want to say how impressed I am for what you have done for me over the past couple of months and I have all your cables and thought there was nothing else that could be done to make my sound better apart From buying new amps and speakers but you again have proved me wrong. You are a magician, the way that you can look at my set up and have me move things a few inches here and there is unbelievable how this can effect the sound in my room and your knowledge is better than my computer and microphone that I was using to set things up so again very big thank you and I will recommend you to everyone I meet – best regards Rom.


Hi Paul, I want to say thank you for your help in setting up my system and now sounds the best I have ever heard and you have a bigtalent that is for sure! I will certainly tell my friends who have sound systems about what you have done for me as I am impressed tosay the least -

Best regards, Vaidas 


Hi Paul – I want to thank you for the way my system is sounding and by simple movement has brought new details and Imaging. I think there is a market for setting up a sound system like you did for me to arrange to get maximum performance so thanks for the speaker placements tips –