Universal Overhang Gauge OHG-02. NEW PRODUCT!


Universal Overhang Gauge OHG-02. NEW PRODUCT!

Acquiring the correct overhang on your tonearm requires patience and time and can be sometimes frustrating. There are overhang tools out there but they are only for certain types of tonearm or headshell but the Acoustand Universal Overhang Gauge is just what it says “Universal”

Some gauges the stylus can be up to 20mm away from the gauge so you need to pretty much guess it!

With this gauge you will have the correct distance in minutes. Simply slide the rule to the manufacturers spec to the amount it needs to be and place the gauge on your spindle, bring your arm over and rest the stylus on top and see immediately where the overhang currently is. If you need to alter it, simply undo your cartridge bolts slightly enough to move the cartridge and while you are at it, the gauge helps to align the cartridge body too!

Made from solid milled aluminium and satin anodised finished To last years.

Comes with full instructions and platter wedge to hold the platter while operating.

This product is currently not sold or available anywhere else and is designed by Acoustand. Nothing like this gauge is currently available and it is unique in its design and function. If you have invested heavily in your turntable as a whole, then it is paramount you get this right! Getting the correct mounting distance is one thing, overhang is equally if not more important. For your Tonearm to operate as intended it is crucial it is operating at it's correct Effective Length.

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