Tonearm Stand For All Applications. NEW Premium Product

Adding a Tonearm Stand to a turntable enables the user to add a secondary Tonearm without disrupting the existing setup.

There are Two types to choose.
Built in Arm panel type where the arm sits on top of stand.

Extended panel type

Then choose panel material.

Perhaps you require a cartridge with MONO capabilities to play old mono records which a stereo cartridge can do, but not as well.

Maybe you like a certain MM cartridge for pop and rock, perhaps a MC cartridge for classical and delicate tracks.

Maybe you have a special PSU for jazz, whatever your reason, adding an extra tonearm can give you the flexibility of moving from one genre to another with ease, its a lot harder to think of a reason NOT to have one.

If you have a separate turntable like a Garrard 301/401/SP10/DP-80 etc etc, with a single arm plinth, and you decide you want a secondary arm, you would normally order an expensive twin arm plinth, but with a Tonearm stand, you can add that second arm with no disruption to your existing setup.

The Tonearm Stands are very heavy, this is a requirement to avoid movement, and cut microphonic vibrations. We have simplified our designs to enable us to offer you a better value product, all our Tonearm stands are satin powder coated, and can be finished in any colour you wish.

Stands with extended arm panels, the panels are brush finished to a high standard and are cut ready for your tonearm of choice at no extra cost. All bolts supplied to get you started.

Built in aluminium panel cut for the arm of your choice.

The Tonearm stands are supplied with the finest available brass spikes and protective shoes, the quality of these spikes are simply superb, if spikes are unsuitable, we can supply adjustable solid alloy pads with integrated rubber ring.

For the prices shown, the maximum height can be 140mm total from surface to tonearm panel mounting surface and any size under that.

Higher Tonearm stands can be made by special request but 140mm max is more than enough for most situations.

To measure for a Tonearm Stand, simply let us know how high your existing tonearm panel is on your turntable from the surface your turntable feet are sat on.

The stands can be up to a maximum of 100mm diameter.

If you need a spare arm panel these are on the drop down menu.

Our existing ATP pod range are currently unavailable however, arm panels are identical and can be ordered on this listing from the drop down menu.

(PRE-ORDER ITEM )Current build times are given on the home page.
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