Technics SP10 Turntable Chassis And Platter Restoration Service.

This service is for refinishing the corroded alloy chassis and polishing or Re-Engineering of the turntable platter.

Refinishing of the chassis includes strip down of the turntable, removing the old lacquer and sanding of the Zamak chassis removing corrosion, this also removes the brush finish enabling the chassis to be powder coated or ceramic coated in many finishes that are available.

Chassis can be coated in almost any colour you can imagine, and we also have the option of satin finishes of which the most popular are silver satin or black satin.

Also available is Crackle Finish, Similar to what used to be used on old Camera Bodies.

If corroded, the platter can be polished smooth see picture 4 or we now have the option to re engineer the platter using the latest CNC methods to remove all pitting bringing back the Zamak platter shine.

Either choose from full chassis and platter restoration, chassis restoration or just platter restoration from the drop down menu.

This service includes a new strobe bulb should you need one.

We no longer offer the original brush finish option.

This service does not include disassembly, please only send the parts needing re finishing.

Please get in touch with your requirements.

Turnaround time approx 10-15 business days unless stated otherwise.

Technics SP10 Turntable Chassis And Platter Restoration Service. listed in: