NEW PRODUCT!! Acoustand Sub-Platter And Bearing Upgrades

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Acoustand Audio are proud to announce the worlds first commercially available Pro-Ject Turntable sub-platter and bearing upgrades and New sub-platter for the Rega.
These new versions not only perform better but cost less than the previous models.

FITMENT Please ask if unsure, project main platters must be perfectly flat type underneath where the sub-platter sits in as some main platters have the spider type casting and are concave.

Xpression II

Xpression lll



Other models are covered, please message us.

Debut 0.5

Debut II All Varieties

Debut III All Varieties

Debut Carbon

Debut Carbon Esprit SB

Debut Carbon Phono USB

Crosley C10

Music Hall MMF-2.2

Rega Planar 1
Rega Planar 2
Rega Planar 3
Also for Cloned Rega Turntables
Edwards Audio TT1 Etc

The Rega subplatter uses your existing bearing.

These Sub-platters are precision made from Delrin which we found is superior to the previous aluminium model we made and has even better dynamics and rhythm. Darker quiet periods, and most notably speed stability and improved pitch stability.

The high quality bearing is precision made from the best engineering thermoplastic Acetal which is known for it's high strength, hardness and rigidity and does not wear like conventional plastics and used through out the world in bearing assemblies and is fully tested prior to shipping. Each Project bearing is matched perfectly to the sub-platter it is shipped with.

There is no ball bearing now, the new version has a built in PTFE thrust pad set inside the new bearing housing, no mess no fuss.

The plastic lightweight sub-platter and bearing that came with your turntable listed above though good at it's job can be massively improved upon bringing so much more detail and mass to your lightweight turntable.

We have put a considerable amount of time and research into these products and this will sure to be experienced by you with astonishing results.

Upgrading your turntables sub-platter and/or bearing or both is one of the best and easiest upgrades you can do. Simply remove your old sub platter and bearing, replace the bearing housing and pop around 6 drops of oil into it and on the spindle before placing the new sub platter in. Be sure not to force it in just put it in a little gently turning it and let it gently self lower, which can take some time. A little oil might come up but this is normal, as Acetal is self lubricating not as much oil will be needed over the standard amount.
It is recommended you re-new your oil when changing sub-platters.

Spare Oil kits also available on our other listings.

If you have any questions please ask.

This item/s are not designed to be used with the original bearing and subplatter as spindle sizes are different and should not be mixed to prevent damage.

This item will despatch within 3 business days.

All orders shipped with fitting kit including oil.

Please select your desired subplatter model type from the drop down menu at the top.
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