Acoustand AST-9 Tonearm NEW PRODUCT!


Acoustand AST-9 Tonearm NEW PRODUCT!

The new Acoustand 9” tonearm offers the same quality build as our bigger 12” version. It’s straight forward non fussy design is built to withstand the toughest of environments. With straight forward setup and usability, we are sure even the complete novice would have no problem setting up this device, and in no time, you’ll be enjoying the music you love.

Most of the arms components are anodised aluminium, which is available in black as pictured, silver, space grey as standard.

Adjustments for the following are achievable:

3….Headshell Angle
5….Anti Skate.

The Tonearm uses common parameters, so should fit most turntables available.


Tonearm Type…………Static Balanced
Effective Length…….237mm
Overall Length……….290mm
From pivot point to rear of arm tube…55mm For (swing) clearance.
Height from mounting surface to top of counterweight (dust cover clearance)…67mm min….adjustable.
Height from mounting surface to cartridge mounting surface…44mm min…adjustable
Overhang………………..15mm (adjustable)
Offset Angle…………..22 Degrees (adjustable)
Mounting Distance..222mm
Mounting Hole……….23mm
Effective Mass………..15g….Moderate to low Compliance Cartridges are ideal for this arm with tracking forces between 1.8g-3g
A mounting surface height of 95mm or 9.5cm is required. A little less if using an angled phono plug.

Rundown of features not mentioned above.
1..High quality grade polished foam damped alloy arm tube, Optional Ceramic Coating (CERAKOTE) is available to special order in any colour including black/grey.
2..Stainless Steel Counterweight
3..adjustable height arm rest
4..adjustable height arm raiser.
5..5 pin din output situated in base of arm pillar
6. Pure 99.999% copper Litz 30AWG.
7. Gold plated cartridge tags, Cardas din connector.
8. Modified SME Pillar bearing.
9. Fixed Headshell, fully adjustable for angle and azimuth.
10 Supplied with our own custom phono cable made in house and uses Cardas connector.

NOTE: it is possible for us to produce an arm panel for this arm to fit your turntable. Please let us know if this is something you require. We can produce any arm panel for any turntable..

This arm is a suitable direct drop in replacement for Rega and Rega based turntables providing enough height is available.

Current build times are displayed on the home page.

Thank you.

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