Acrylic Turntable Custom Dust Covers, Sloped Fronted Available.


Acrylic Turntable Custom Dust Covers, Sloped Fronted Available.

You now have the option to purchase a matching dust cover for your turntable/plinth.

These can be made for all our existing plinths or a replacement for your existing turntable

These are hingeless "place on or over" lids made from the very best 5mm acrylic with superb fit and finish. Lift slots can be cut into the lids.

Any size can be made up to a maximum of 650 x 550 x 250mm

Only clear is available.

The base price shown is £98.00 excluding Shipping which is for regular size of 415 x 320 x 80mm

For rounded front plinths like the Solid Plinth range, we recommend a place over type because the dust covers are square edged.

As it is far better not to have a dust cover on the turntable when playing we no longer fit hinges and all dust covers are now (place-on) type.

All dust covers are shipped in a custom made plywood box to ensure safe arrival and shipping costs reflect the time and cost of materials to do this, and as a result are shipped separately from other orders so the shipping prices do apply even if you have purchased a plinth also.

Note, from time to time we have one off covers that are either slight seconds or incorrect size. These covers have a fixed value much lower than we normally make them for and often we only charge cost of materials so it is always worth asking before ordering if we have such offerings.

Before Purchasing this product please contact your local customs for any import duties you may need to pay for, Acoustand will not be held responsible for any import charges. Please view our page Shipping and Import Duties at the bottom of the home page.
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