Acoustand Sub-Platter Upgrade For Rega Turntables

NOTE, the drop down menu now has a feature offering slight cosmetic seconds with maybe tiny scratches or marks or different colour collar to the platter at a reduced price but will function perfectly fine.

Acoustand Sub-platter upgrades are of the very finest quality.
Meticulously thought out and manufactured within very tight tolerances.
All our sub-platters are grade 6082 high strength heavy alloy coupled with the very best hard high carbon steel highly polished spindles to give you the very best performance.

The Finish on our sub-platters is satin alloy and anodised to protect the finish.

This Sub-platter is a direct replacement for the following models.

Rega Planar 1
Rega Planar 2
Rega Planar 3
Also for Cloned Rega Turntables
Edwards Audio TT1 Etc

Comes with Lube / Magnetic Ball Removal Tool / Instructions.

Exclusive to this sub-platter is the fact you can remove the middle collar with red rubber ring to use a custom non Rega Platter perhaps or any platter as long as the bottom area is flat, you are not stuck with Rega Specific platters.

Available in many premium quality finished colours, choose from the dropdown menu.
Acoustand Sub-Platter Upgrade For Rega Turntables listed in: