Acoustand Evolution Mini Turntable NEW PRODUCT!

No other turntable comes close to the Evolution Mini in this price range. Weighing nearly 3 times that of its competitors, the Evolution mini is superior in all departments and has the kind of quality built components you simply wouldn’t expect to see at this price point.

Every single part of this machine is honed from solid billet metals. Only two pieces of plastic adorn this tank of a turntable, the arm lifter rest and the acrylic platter Matt. Don’t let it’s name fool you either, it is small in form, but huge in performance and a formidable competitor to any turntable by anyone under £10k. Are we boasting? yes! We are, and rightly so, the Evolution mini is a force to be reckoned with.

Another item you don’t often get with a turntable of this nature or indeed price range, is a tonearm. The new AST-9 Tonearm comes as standard with the evolution mini, another custom hand built product. 3 tonearms can be fitted to the turntable of any size. All tonearm panels are custom made to fit so there are no fitment or matching issues, panels may be made either from bronze, acrylic, stainless steel or aluminium depending on tonearm type, each tonearm performs differently with different metals and we will make sure your panel is suited to your tonearm, we will not supply one material for all which seems to be the norm, we want you to get the best possible performance which is as important us as it is to you.

The evolution mini shares some of the same components from it’s bigger brother the Acoustand Evolution Turntable which are:

Huge Stainless steel Magnetic bearing with inverted high grade chrome hardened ball bearing, bronze bushes, 12mm diameter high grade stainless steel spindle with peek ceramic thrust pad. This bearing system enclosure due to its tight tolerances is held in the chassis with suction and no mechanical fixing is used.

50mm thick solid CNC machined platter with large integrated polyoxymethylene damper and integrated satin acrylic platter Mat. 7kg

There is also a black POM Delrin platter option version should you wish, please choose from the drop down menu. It is a little cheaper but this is not because of performance, it is because the material and machining is less, so we charge less.

Substantial Stainless steel Damped sprung feet with integrated tonearm posts, fully adjustable height on the fly.

The chassis is not typically cheap cast, but starts life as a solid 15” x 15” x 4” billet of high grade aluminium and is CNC machined with super accuracy, it is then satin anodised to a flawless finish which can be any colour the customer chooses for that unique special touch, no other manufacturer to our knowledge offers such a bespoke feature.

DC Outboard motor encased in a huge 6kg stainless steel housing for resonance reduction and prevention of any accidental movement. The mass also helps to prevent movement when using the power and speed toggle switches, it feels solid and you will not feel like your going to move or tip the motor when you use it. The motor is fine speed adjustable.

The AST-9 tonearm has full adjustability. VTA, Azimuth, Tracking Angle, Height adjustment. Stainless steel counterweight and polished alloy damped arm tube and uses many of the same components as our larger 12” acoustand ALT-12 tonearm. It uses litz wire and gold plated cartridge tags, with a cardass mini din in the base of the arm pillar for easy setup. It is also supplied with a high quality van den hul interconnect. To Learn more about this tonearm see our dedicated listing.

Record weight (pictured) is included as standard.

The acoustand Evolution mini is designed to draw out every nuance and detail from your beloved record collection, it will not disappoint. 3 years of development and testing ensures this turntable will deliver everything you hoped, and a whole lot more.

Thank you, for taking the time to read.

33, 1/3 and 45rpm adjustable.

Wow/Flutter 0.010%

32kg unpacked.

24” width
16” Depth
10” height
All sizes are approximate.

This product is custom built for you and not off the shelf, this is to ensure every detail is correct and unique to the customer who commissions it and as a result there is a 65 business day build period.

Thank you.

Note: The illuminated stand shown in some of the photos is not included.

We reserve the right to change minor details for improvements without prior notice.

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