Power cord 3.0 meter – Platinum Shuko

Perkune Power cord 3.0 meter – Platinum Shuko

Made from OFC copper and is fitted with platinum connections for optimal signal transmission.
The cord is Shuko and the reason for this is so you can change the polarity As not all machines and power outlets have the positive power on the right hand side.


Cable made in Germany
Stranded copper conductors - 3 x 2.5 MM2

Resistance : 9.98 Ohms/Kilometer

Current capacity: 29 Amps

Cable Mass : 168 Kilogrammes/Kilometer

Test Voltage : 2 KV

Max Volyage : 500 Volts

Max temp :+150 degrees C

Min temperature : -40 degrees C

Flame spread resistance: CSN EN 60332-1-2

Certificate: HAR. RoHS. REACH

Again as you see the resistance for two meters is Zero

We can supply at any length, please let us know.

Please feel free to ask any questions or request more information

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