Acoustand Delrinium 2 Arm Plinth S2 System For Technics New SP-10R And Older SP-10.

The Acoustand Delrinium plinth is the closest in quality to the genuine article you will find anywhere. In fact, the acoustand plinth is 3.5kg heavier than the technics original and is very high density. It performs equally as well and is simpler to use.
For instance, there is no need to remove the entire turntable and other tonearms simply to change out a tonearm panel. Swapping a tonearm is a few minutes job and you do not need to unbolt the entire turntable to perform this simple operation, and this means all the careful setup and time invested in setting up your arms and turntable is uninterrupted. Another consideration is the fact you do not risk dropping your turntable into the plinth while changing arm panels which has, unfortunately happened with the original quite a lot, not only damaging the plinth, but turntable and tonearms too which were still all connected resulting in total loss.

Tonearm usage is same as original. Primary and rear position is for 9” / 10” / 11” or 215mm to 295mm mounting distances. It is possible to fit most 12” arms. Please enquire first.

The entire top section of this plinth is milled from a solid single billet of high grade alloy 35mm thick. The arm panels are 1” thick high grade alloy and milled for specific arms of choice.

The lower black section is a single billet of polyoxymethylene, (Delrin) by DuPont. This high quality super tough compound is simply superb at reducing (ring) and unwanted microphonic vibrations and is becoming increasingly popular for turntable manufacturers to implement. It is massively expensive, BUT is well worth the cost which is actually more than the alloy components.

Please consider the Acoustand Delrinium plinth for your SP10 mk2/mk3/R, you will not be disappointed.

This plinth will come shipped in a custom plywood crate. Dust covers are shipped separately if purchased.

This plinth is finished in anodised satin aluminium with silver being the standard.
Coloured Satin Anodised finish are available upon request This can be any colour in the Pantone book, as standard we offer satin black and satin silver or space grey.

Ceramic Coating also available at additional cost (cerakote) see example of plinth in Navy Blue.

554 x 405 x 100 WxDxH
Acoustand Delrinium 2 Arm Plinth S2 System For Technics New SP-10R And Older SP-10. listed in: