Acoustand Delrinium Plinth S2 System For Technics New SP-10R And Older SP-10.

The anticipated new version of our Delrinium Plinth system specifically for the technics SP10 and quiet simply the best and unbeatable plinth for the SP10-R under £2000.

A massive construction premium plinth cnc precision milled 35mm solid billet alloy top layer and arm boards. A huge lower layer slab of delrin precisely machine to mate with the top layer and heavy grade large billet alloy feet with M6 Thread and sorbothane integrated ring.

The lower layer of this massive plinth is a huge 45mm slab of Polyoxymethylene or POM Delrin milled precisely and when mated directly to the top makes this plinth just work wonderfully, and is finished with a special satin black finish.

The different materials are used in specific areas to elimate and absorb resonance. We use 6082 high grade tooling plate alloys mostly in the construction as it has great acoustic qualities with an evenly machined surface of certain thickness to absorb vibrations and dissipate them at a certain velocity away from the tonearm area. All vibrations are carried down into the solid milled delrin base which is rigidly connected to allow resonances that are wanted and unwanted to be dispersed equally and effectively.

Tonearm bases can be changed between normal and rear position keeping the correct mounting distance.

Last photo show base detail.

The following three paragraphs are useful information for mounting certain tonearms.

There are two positions for different length tonearms when using a dust cover.
The regular position is for 9 to 10.5" Tonearms and the rear position is for the longer 12" tonearms, like the technics SL-1000R plinth, there are restrictions of what tonearm can go where due to dust cover restrictions and counterweight swing so please let us know which tonearm you wish to fit when ordering if using a dust cover. (see last photo) of why some arms makes it impossible for a dust cover to be used when using long arms in the normal position.

At the mounting distance of 295mm for example on a 12", the pivot centre to inside of dust cover for counterweight clearance is 48mm.

There are some restrictions in the normal position with certain tonearms with larger bases example SME 3009 As the technics SP10 Chassis is designed for 10-10.5" tonearms it makes is difficult to mount the SME base close enough at the correct angle when using a 9", whereas if you want to mount a Rega RB 300 for example there are no issues at all. Most Tonearms with round bases are fine in the normal position.

If you do not use the optional dust cover then you may fit 12" tonearms in the normal position.

The tonearm panels are identical to the previous Delrinium plinth model.

Dust cover is Place-On Type.

After several enquiries it should be noted the new technics arm boards will not fit this plinth as the Technics arm boards are smaller and are a different fitting.

Some photos shown shows our unfinished raw state pre production prototype.

The standard finish of the plinth is satin silver and satin black lower, most colours available to special order.

There will be 9 chassis connection bolt holes for the new SP10-R and for the older models it will be 5 as shown in some photos.

Please contact us for any specifics including freight costs to your country.

This plinth is shipped in a custom made plywood shipping carton to some destinations to ensure safe arrival.

Shipping weight 66lbs or 30.5kgs

Plinth weight 40-55lbs Depending on model turntable.


For those buying the dust cover, as it is shipped separately a separate invoice for shipping will apply.
Acoustand Delrinium Plinth S2 System For Technics New SP-10R And Older SP-10. listed in: