Acoustand Obsidian Inspired V2 Premium Bespoke (Delrin) Plinth System For All SP10

The all NEW Acoustand obsidian inspired bespoke plinth V2 system is directly inspired by the original technics obsidian plinths and it’s architectural layout. it is Rigidly constructed with a 45mm thick billet of Delrin for the top section and a lower 50mm layer of high grade MDF which is wrapped in a choice of real wood veneers. This amazing plinth out performs the original Obsidian Inspired plinth of which it replaces considerably, a very solid performer in all areas.

The satin black painted finish of the top layer is a special process to give a flawless durable finish, looks stunning, and compliments the wooden lower layer nicely.

Custom made solid billet alloy feet are used which have set in the base a rubber damper ring. This is a top of the range plinth at an unbeatable price designed specifically for the SP10 series

This plinth is not suitable for all tonearms.
The SP10 is not designed for most 9” tonearms but some can be fitted such as Rega RB series and Rega based arms such as the Funkfirm FX3 and others with a physically small footprint, most Jelco are fine, any with a base diameter of approx 50mm is ok.

Some 12” arms are fine, example Jelco SA-750 as seen in the last picture.

Audiomods 6 fit well.

Any 10-10.5” tonearm is perfect for this plinth.

SME 9” will fit, but as the bedplate slot must be pointing to the spindle it is necessary to position the bedplate further back than normal by approx 8mm, this is fine as with all SME they are designed for this very situation and can be slid forward to gain the correct distance.

SME 12” again is right on the limit on the top right section of arm panel making the connections very close to the internals under the plinth hindering the connections, in this case it is necessary to position the SME bedplate further towards the spindle and then slide the arm back to gain correct distance as it is designed to do.

For 12” SME Tonearms it is advisable to have the bottom phono connector upgrade and angled phono connection plug/s due to limited height.

For all other tonearms an angled phono connection plug on your tonearm cable would be beneficial due to the sleek low design.

As above, it is best suited to 10-10.5” arms. Please enquire about your tonearm before purchase.

NOTE: This item is custom built from scratch to your exact requirements.
A matching platform may be included if required to get the best from your turntable and tonearm at no extra cost.

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