Acoustand Solid Plinth 2 V2


Acoustand Solid Plinth 2 V2

Welcome to the new Acoustand Solid Plinth 2.

After huge success of the original solid plinth 2, we felt that even more improvements could be made so we set out to improve the most critical part of the plinth which is the tonearm mounting.

Before in the earlier solid 2 plinth we used acrylic rails for the tonearm board to slide on, and the tonearm panel was also acrylic, and even though this worked great we felt it could be further improved. The original adjustable arm panel acrylic system consisted of separate rails set inside the plinth and from a build point of view very finicky to produce and get right.

The new system now consists of a high end one piece solid aluminium CNC machined piece with super high quality satin hard anodised finish. And now instead of the distance rule guide being etched on the plinth acrylic top panel it is now etched on the new tonearm aluminium assembly.

To give it a seamless smooth look the new tonearm system is set level inside the plinth with the top acrylic surface and looks great.

Now the tonearm of your choice is rock solid in place with no chance of movement what so ever.

Setting up your tonearm could not be easier, your tonearm panels will be pre CNC cut for your particular arm, and we even supply any bolts you need, so it should be a case of plug n play.

The bolt holes for the turntable chassis are accurately set allowing for absolutely no movement to allow correct distance from tonearm board centre to turntable spindle, so you know when it is bolted down it will be at the correct distance for the tonearm board assembly rule guide to read accurately.

Power to the 301/401 is linked via a IEC power socket as standard, and tonearm cables are threaded through holes provided and can be clamped in place via a clipping the tonearm void cut into the plinth.

This plinth can mount tonearms with a pivot to spindle distance from 205mm to 315mm.

Single arm and twin arm versions are available, simply select which plinth you need via the drop down menu.

Spare Arm Boards Also Available From Drop down Menu.

Some turntables have too larger diameter e.g. Denon DP-80 to use the etched rule guide so will not be included as a feature on the plinth tonearm system if ordered and will be blank, however the plinth can still be used as normal with sliding arm base but minimum mounting distance may be reduced, please ask before ordering if unsure.

The solid plinth 2 is designed for any turntable where the spindle is perfectly central such as for example:

Garrard 301 / 401
Technics SP-15 / 25
Denon DP-80 and all similar models.
Sony TTS-8000
These types of turntable are fine for the twin arm version as you see it in the pictures but there are turntables where the spindle is not central to the turntables chassis such as:

Technics SP 10
These types are fine if used on the single arm plinth version but again will not be able to use the etched rule guide so the sliding alloy mechanism will be blank.

If you have any questions at all, please ask and we will be pleased to assist.

Standard finish is all Black with black ash real wood veneer as seen in the pics.

Dark cherry real wood veneer also available.

Please allow up to 40 business days for your plinth to be completed.

Subtle features may be changed without prior notice.

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