Acoustand Platter Mats NEW PRODUCT


Acoustand Platter Mats NEW PRODUCT

Acoustand are pleased to be able to offer their new solid copper, brass or bronze Platter mats which are completely hand produced and custom made to fit your turntable platter.

An immense amount of craftsmanship goes into a proper turntable mat made from such materials. It takes a higher amount of skill and knowledge to produce the mats, and a great deal of patience. This is reflected in the prices of these bespoke pieces.

They are supplied with two M6 threaded holes to aid lifting and two lift handles if required. Please let us know if you require this feature. You may like the clean look of the plain platter with no holes in which case, you may use a couple of suckers to aid lifting off.

Choose from Brass/Copper/Bronze from the drop down menu.

For the prices shown, the mats can be up to 310mm and anything under that diameter.

NOTE: these are not plated, they are solid materials.

Current build times are stated on the homepage.

Thank you

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