Acoustand ALT-12 12" Tonearm.


Acoustand ALT-12 12" Tonearm.

The acoustand tonearm has been further improved and now comes with SME fit adjustable base as standard, the price reflects these changes and the slight increase in materials costs.

The Acoustand tonearm is a high quality static balanced high effective mass design available in 12 inch and finished to the highest standards using the latest CNC technology and hand finishing and assembly. It is a no fuss easy to operate design incorporating a socket for a removable headshell (Headshell not included) for easy cartridge swaps using the common H4 type socket used by many manufacturers such as SME and Technics. This tonearm uses high quality deep groove bearings for pivotal movement, the main pillar and pillar bearing is Acoustand’s own unique single point bearing. Interconnects are supplied by Van Damme, a super quality OFC cable and fits to the tonearm above the arm panel for easy fitting and to avoid any possible restrictions and to avoid rubbing. There is an adjustable anti skate mechanism, and high quality machined manual arm raiser.

The tonearm utilises a one piece foam damped polished aluminium arm tube.

Mounting pattern uses SME type fitting with adjustable sliding base for ultimate adjustability and precise distance.

There are four counterweights included in the package which with different combinations can be used for a multitude of cartridge weights including a special weight for SPU-G cartridges up to 40g.

The Acoustand tonearm comes in its own dedicated alloy flight case for safe transportation.

The Acoustand tonearm uses the very finest stainless steel or Bronze which is completely hand polished and finished to very high standards.

Tonearm Type...........Static balanced
Effective Length.......317.57mm
Overall Length...........350mm Minus Headshell.
Offset Angle...............17.11 Deg.
Mounting Distance...304.75mm P-T-S
Inner Null Point ........66mm
Outer Null Point.......120.9mm

Mounting.........SME Type Mount with adjustable range.
Tonearm Pillar Diameter......20.55mm
Tonearm VTA Travel 11mm.
Effective Mass……..18-30g depending on headshell weight, 30g with Acoustand Headshell.
Effective Mass………14g without headshell.

Tonearm weight excluding headshell .......675g - 750g Depending on counterweight used

If you require the Acoustand headshell pictured, this is available on our website separately or choose from the dropdown menu and choose the option (including headshell) headshells will be sent with the tonearm.

There are 6 options for the arm. Each of the three finishes available is offered with or without headshell on the drop down menu.

The arm suits low compliance cartridges such as SPU, Koetsu and many more.

Thank you.

Current build times are given on the home page.

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