Acoustand Solid Plinth 3 NEW!


Acoustand Solid Plinth 3 NEW!

The new solid plinth 3 from acoustand is a culmination of our best ideas from our best selling plinths

This plinth is a built using a sandwich construction of audio grade mdf, which is bonded with a grid patterned viscous adhesive, this adhesive enabled each layer to have air gaps between each layer to aid micro vibrations to be eliminated between each layer, so vibrations from the feet- up (if any) will be broken down before reaching the tonearm, this is considerably better than simply bonding all layers together flat making all layers act as one, this design gives each layer a chance to eliminate and scatter vibration. With that, and solid machined adjustable alloy feet with integrated viscous rubber ring and a cast acrylic top makes this plinth perform as good and better than some plinths costing 2-3 times as much.

This plinth features a substantial 20mm thick aircraft grade aluminium arm board milled for your specific tonearm/s that sits snug inside the cast acrylic top. This arm board enables extremely rigid clamping of the tonearm.

Power to the turntable is linked via a IEC power socket if needed as standard, and tonearm cables are threaded through holes provided.

This plinth can mount tonearms with a pivot to spindle distance from 205mm to 320mm.

Single arm and twin arm versions are available, simply select which plinth you need via the drop down menu.

Spare Arm Boards Also Available From Drop down Menu.

Note: standard top finish is satin black acrylic or gloss tops ordered by special request.

Please allow up to 35 business days for your plinth to be completed.

Before Purchasing this product please contact your local customs for any import duties you may need to pay for, Acoustand will not be held responsible for any import charges. Please view our page Shipping and Import Duties at the bottom of the home page.
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