Acoustand Solid Plinth 2 NEW!

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The new solid plinth 2 from acoustand is a culmination of our best ideas from our best selling plinths.
We listened to customers ideas, wants and needs to bring you a completely original design offered nowhere else other than here at acoustand.

This we believe is the only commercially available turntable plinth in the world for the garrard 301 and 401 to offer a completely unique tonearm board assembly that not only lets the user alter the pivot to turntable distance with ease but also the orientation of the tonearm swiftly and efficiently.

No more tedious measuring to get the tonearm hole accuracy or angle of the arm base geometry, the user can set this up as he desires with complete ease.

The arm board made from solid 10mm milled alloy and has a centre pilot hole, all that is needed is to drill the arm hole in the middle is by using the pilot hole provided, no mess no fuss. We cut arm boards to customers requirements.

The arm board is secured by two hex bolts, the board sits inside a milled acrylic sleeve which in turn sits on two acrylic runners set inside the plinth.

The bolt holes for the turntable chassis are accurately set allowing for absolutely no movement to allow correct distance from tonearm board centre to turntable spindle, so you know when it is bolted down it will be at the correct distance for the tonearm board assembly to read accurately.

The plinth itself now has all four corners rounded unlike the original solid plinths two front rounded corners and square rear corners, this has been requested time and time again so now this is a permanent feature on the new plinth.

There is now no chrome trim on the solid plinth 2, we think this new plinth is suited better without and again, customers asked for this to be changed as they preferred the more classic look.

Power to the 301/401 is linked via a IEC power socket as standard, and tonearm cables are threaded through holes provided and can be clamped in place via a clipping the tonearm void cut into the plinth.

These plinths have been designed large enough to give consideration for counterweight swing so there is sufficient room for a lid to be fitted without the tonearm counterweight touching the lid when down, this has been noted by many as an annoying problem which has now been solved.

No rule is needed to attach your arm to this plinth, the arm board base has a marker which tells you automatically the distance your arm is set via an etched rule on the plinth acrylic surface, simply undo the bolts slightly to allow the arm base assembly to be slid forwards or backwards until the distance needed is made and tighten.

This plinth can mount tonearms with a pivot to spindle distance from 205mm to 310mm.

Single arm and twin arm versions are available, simply select which plinth you need via the drop down menu.

Spare Arm Boards Also Available From Drop down Menu.

Note: standard top finish is satin black acrylic or gloss tops ordered by special request.
Some turntables have too larger diameter e.g. Denon to use the etched rule so will not be included as a feature on the plinth if ordered however the plinth can still be used as normal with sliding arm base but minimum mounting distance is 225mm.

Please allow up to 35 business days for your plinth to be completed.

Subtle subtle features may be changed without prior notice.

Before Purchasing this product please contact your local customs for any import duties you may need to pay for, Acoustand will not be held responsible for any import charges. Please view our page Shipping and Import Duties at the bottom of the home page.

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