Classic Solid Wood Plinth For All Stand Alone Turntable Motor Units


Classic Solid Wood Plinth For All Stand Alone Turntable Motor Units

55 X 48 X 14 | veneered agmdf
Introducing the classic plinth from Acoustand for any stand alone turntable motor unit.

This beautifully made substantial plinth will accommodate any turntable motor whether you have a garrard 301/401 lenco G88/G99 whatever your unit is it will benefit from this wonderful plinth design.

Special features are:

Adjustable heavy grade chrome spiked feet.

30mm thick plinth top panel finished in satin black Acrylic as standard or another colour/finish of your choice.

15mm thick perforated bottom panel which has a series of holes drilled inline with the motor unit to enable any airborne vibrations to break up and pass through rather than being contained in a sealed box.

Beautiful 25mm thick Audio grade MDF frame veneered in real wood veneer of your choice, picture shows cherry for garrard 401 in semi-gloss.

Standard finish on the wood is semi gloss lacquer.

This plinth has the ability to easily change one top panel for another, as it acoustically decoupled from the outer frame simply lift out one top panel and place the other down onto the sorbothane spheres, the best material for this design of plinth.

We have had some fantastic feedback from customers of this plinth,and now this wonderful new plinth is available to you offered at an excellent price

We have two versions of this plinth, and even though this plinth is quiet substantial we do offer a larger more massive version so if you require a more heavier and substantial version of this plinth please see our other "classic 2" plinth.

NOTE: This item is custom built from scratch to your exact requirements, please allow 35 working days for completion. this excludes national holidays.

Before Purchasing this product please contact your local customs for any import duties you may need to pay for, Acoustand will not be held responsible for any import charges. Please view our page Shipping and Import Duties at the bottom of the home page.

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